Thursday, December 01, 2011

The garage door is here

The guy just got here to switch our new garage door with the old garage door we had in Leimen. My brother Rick painted that door for us. It was a certain thing we would move it to our new house. In fact, we had a new garage built just for the old door (made to order). So now the door is being switched. I basically have nothing left to move from the old house. Maybe the rain barrels, I think that's all. I do wish the house was sold. I would love to move into the new year with that chapter closed.
I'm getting a head cold. I'm feeling very tired and stressed. Jessica wants to go out every morning. I have a very hard time getting my work done. Juergen called the right people. It looks like we will be able to get the funds for a person that takes Jessica out a few days per week. I am really feeling the stress of no free time. And even when I have "free time" I have to cook, clean, shop, and do laundry for a family of 7. But believe me, all that is 100% easier when you don't have a bored 20 year old autistic girl crying to get you to take her places. I think I was OK for such a long time because Nicole was helping me. But now she is going to school and can not help me. I'm glad Nicole is in school(do not get me wrong), I just wish Jess was in school too. I'm getting sick (a bad cold), so I feel like I'm falling over the edge! I just need some balance. Juergen maybe taking a week off soon. We are just about out of vacation time, but he maybe able to use some of next years time. I understand the new vacation time is actually added in December, not January. At least that’s what someone at work told him. We used up all our vacation time this year for work on the house. We are beginning to feel the stress of not resting enough. It is hitting both of us. A little extra rest would do us some good. To sleep for chance to dream!

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