Saturday, January 09, 2010

We saw the house

We went to see this house today. First we went to lunch at the home of very good friends. Then the kids stayed at our friends house while Juergen and I and our friend went to look at the house. It is really a great house. The entry is big, with built in places for coats, shoes and bags. There is a dinning room, separate kitchen with a pantry and a large living room. The highlight is the winter garden with it's wood stove. Then there is a large mudroom/Landry room. I love that! You can go directly from the garden and wash up. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, and a separate walk in room closet (it's a small room). Up stairs there are 3 small bedrooms and one giant bedroom, and a large bathroom. When Philip, Thomas, and Nicole move out the upstairs could be rented out as a 2 bedroom apartment. In the basement there is a guestroom, a very large storage room, a sauna room with a shower and toilet, and an underground garage. So with the garage door opener, you can drive into the parking place, unload the food in the storage room and avoid the bad weather! Outside there is a very nice patio, and a nice garden. The garden isn't super large...but big enough for a good vegetable garden. It gets the full afternoon sun. It also has one more garage and 2 parking places. A very good friend of mine live around the corner. Philip could walk to school in 5 minutes. Nicole and Thomas could walk to the S Ban (fast train) in 10 minutes. Juergen loves the house! The only 2 problems I see are price and Jessica’s school. It cost about 50,000 Euros more then we wanted to pay and Jessica would need to move schools. We basically need to find Jess a new situation in the next 2 years anyway. Perhaps this is not a reason not to buy this house. The cost is a thing we need to negotiate. We will see. Juergen and I both loved it! Another family was waiting to see the place right after us. Who knows, maybe they already bought the place? We need to sell our house first. We could not make an offer now. We think there aren't many people that want such a big house. Maybe it will be hard to sell and the owner will go down on the price? Anyway, I loved it.


Shelley said...

This house looks manageable with out a lot of work needed. The fact you both like it is a good thing. I would make an offer based on selling your house within a certain time period and see what happens.

That's what we did when we bought this place. We said we would have to sell this house within a 3 month period of time. We sold it in 3 weeks.

RamblingMother said...

Maybe if it is meant to be and you can figure out the school thing they will match your price offer. praying for you.