Friday, January 01, 2010

last night

Last night was great! We had 3 different families join us to cheer in the New Year. We eat dinner, did some dancing, had a fun time of worship, and took communion before shooting off some fireworks. Juergen and Nicole played guitar together and the kids played drums and bells. This was my favorite part of the night. I'm thinking the kids should bring their instruments to the worship service once a month during our family service at church? They were so into it. I love that! I also loved having communion together at midnight. I haven't had communion at New Years for a long time. I want God to take the "Staring" role in my year. I even took the bread and grape juice up to Jessica’s room and prayed with her shortly after midnight as the fireworks were going off. That was very special to me. I'm so grateful to God to have friends. Each one is a precious gift! The time went by very fast because we were having a good time. That's not easy when you have kids...but so special when it does happen. I only took a few photos. My camera is acting up. I may need a new camera. I'll edit this short slide show if I receive more photos from my friends. God bless you in 2010. May your heart be full of peace, and may you know the love and grace of God. He really is our hope and help.

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