Thursday, January 14, 2010

more of my 2 cents

God did not destroy Sodom because of sin, he destroyed them because of their lack of kindness to the poor. Haiti had/has a great deal of sin and corruption. But so does America. Good people have died in Haiti, and even the "bad" people (the gang leaders, prostitutes, drug dealers and those who kept child slaves) are loved by God. Haiti is a lawless and lost country but Jesus died for the ungodly. Even if there is truth to what Robertson said (they sold their souls) who are we to judge? America has the death of 40 to 60 million unborn babies on it's head! If God will judge a nation, America will also be judged! The people in Haiti are suffering hell on earth and our response should be to love them. I’m sure that CBN will reach out to Haiti in love, and I’m sorry that Pat Robertson said what he said. When Jesus looked at people, he saw their sin, but he focused on their pain. The only people he condemned where the religious leaders. I believe Pat Robertson is a good man, and maybe what he said is true (I don’t know). Not all truth should be spoken. It’s like saying to someone who got AIDS from living a sinful life…well you got what you deserved. Jesus said we should rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. And if you see your brother in need we should help meet that need ( a poor paraphrase of Matthew 25). What he said sounded like “well, you got what you deserved”. That shocks! America deserves judgment too…but I pray for mercy! I also pray that Christians everywhere will respond in overwhelming mercy and compassion. They do not need our condemnation they need food, water, hospitals, schools and homes. The truth is they will need these things for a very long time. Who will raise money, who will go, who will teach, who will heal, and who will adopt? And do not think you can just send one text message donation of 5 dollars and your off the hook. Yes, they need your 5 dollars…but be real! One of my friends wrote about a family that has lost 28 members. I worry about the orphans. It was already so hard to be a kid in Haiti. They will need our help for years and years. I hope you will examine your heart and give as you would want the world to give to you.

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