Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Like being married to Spock

Last night I was watching my new blue lava lamp. Juergen had purchased it for Jessica. I told him that Jess couldn’t have a lava lamp. They get too hot. I wouldn’t want Jessica to burn herself. So he just gave it to me. It now sits on my fake fireplace, next to the dancing turtle the boys bought me for my birthday. My fireplace looks like an idle to kitch. I love how the wax in the lava lamp moves around. It looks like blue aliens. I was watching the movement and flow, trying to describe it in poetic terms. Then my computer scientist husband says, It is a true chaotic environment. No matter how you try to calculate it you can not predict the movement. I said , yes. That is very romantic…I never would have thought of that. Never!

How a lava lamp works…

The principles of Lava Lamp are simple. The "lava" is basically a specially compounded wax. When heated from below by a 40-watt bulb, it expands until it becomes less dense than the liquid above, causing it to rise. When it gets to the top of the globe, the wax cools and starts to sink again, and the cycle repeats. Convection currents in the liquid presumably add to the effect.

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