Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jessica is ours for 7 years

We signed the final papers today making Jessica ours for the next 7 years. She is 18 years old and would normally be considered independent. And as most of you know Jessica has autism. She is unable to talk, and 100% dependent. I'm basically not going to give this much thought. It was paperwork we had to do. Nothing has really changed. Jessica was my responsibility, and remains mine. I wish she was able to take care of herself...but I could get depressed if I gave that much thought. She has a new haircut. She looked beautiful this morning. I'm using my new sonic toothbrush on Jessica. It came with heads you can exchange. I have the blue brush, and Jess has the pink brush. Her teeth look wonderful, and her smile is amazing. She and I both have trouble getting up in the mornings. I am not going to think about the what could have, or should have been. I just look at now. Now she is mine. And she is beautiful and very loved.

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