Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maybe I'm wrong

Yes I can be wrong! I felt like the house in Bad Schönborn was a no. I don't like the owner and how he speaks of his mother. The whole thing is sad. But I described the house to some friends Juergen and I had breakfast with yesterday. To be honest with you, I've never seen a house with a better design. Never. It was very wisely thought out. It would make an excellent house for our big family now, and a super house later with a 2 bedroom rental apartment. It is perfect! It has good access to the S Ban (fast train that goes to Heidelberg in 15 minutes), and I can see one of my best friends back yard from the 2nd story window. The garden probably is just big enough (not too big to manage or too small for my purpose). The storage is massive. It even has the guest room and the sauna. I think I should rethink my no. Honestly, I have never ever seen a house more perfect for us. If we get it, we will have to bring some friends over to pray for Gods peace and absolute reign on and over this home! I am needing wisdom.


caring for the garden said...

We have all been in a position that made us very uncomfortable. What do you do? Do you act or react? Do you stand your ground or run away? Do you evaluate, jump in or discharge completely? Sounds like a fair amount of all the above to me.

The house in question seems to warent a closer look. Maybe a Christian influence is needed in the are to help dispel an atmosphere of darkness. Put it in God's hands. Look into what is needed to make this house yours while asking the Lord to either provide the way or close all possible doors. You will soon know if it is His will. Mom

Jill W said...

Listen to your mother. She sounds like a very wise woman :)