Sunday, May 03, 2009

You'll never believe it but...

I was thinking about Nicole going away to college. She graduates in 2 years (God willing). Next summer we are thinking of sending her to a summer art school at Oregon State University. She could stay with my parents. Time is going by very very fast! I can see the next two years just slipping by before I can catch my breath. I wanted to take one last family trip to Thailand. Hua Hin is just our favorite place as a whole family. I checked the ticket prices. Lufthansa has a special price (kids are free). Thomas can still travel as a child until September, then we have to pay full price for him too. Anyway, long story short...we seized the moment! We are going to travel to Thailand for two weeks (again God willing) at the end of August. I checked our passports and found out Philip, Nicole, and Jessica all need new passports. It's good I checked. We travel to Cyprus in less then 3 weeks. That could have been tragic if I didn't find out they needed passports! I feel 100% spoiled! Cyprus and Thailand in one year. The price was just too good to pass up...and looking ahead we may never have the chance to do this as a whole family again. The kids grow up so fast. Now really is precious...I can hear the clock ticking! I’m so grateful for this opportunity. It truly is a gift!
The photos are from our last trip to Thailand in Sept. 2006. That was such a good trip for the boys. It's great for them to go home!

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Shelley said...

It's good to take lot's of trips with your kids before they leave. They do grow up fast.