Thursday, May 07, 2009

Please pray

A friend of Nicole's named Sarah just found out this week she has tumors in her back. One was causing big problems and they already took it out. They don't even know if she will walk, or if there are more tumors or anything! She is in Nicole’s class...she is such a great kid! Oh, I hurt for her and for her family! They are probably feeling really afraid right now. Please pray for peace and total healing! Sarah just turned 16 years old. She is far too young to be going through such a trial. Please pray for her.

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Shelley said...

Lord we pray for Sarah that she will be comforted by your mighty hand. Lord bring peace to her family in such a turmoil and give the Dr. wisdom as to how to treat Sarah. Lord we pray for a miracle in Sarah's life and your grace and mercy. Thank you Jesus Amen and Amen