Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From day 4

The days seem to run together. I couldn’t connect to the internet yesterday. I hope we can get online today. It’s so relaxing here. I feel like we should leave the house, get out and see the sights. But I am sure I would be just as happy to just chill out by the pool, or on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. You can see by the photos it is beautiful, but photos some how fail to capture just how beautiful it really is. What a gift to just be here in this small piece of paradises. There is a small warm breeze blowing through the trees. The birds are chirping, and I can hear the children singing in the local elementary school that is near our house. Yesterday I heard the kids practicing the recorder. So sweet! We managed to drag Jessica out of the house yesterday. She wasn’t happy but it did her a world of good. In the evening she watched the movie Little Mermaid with all her siblings. All 5 of them sat on my bed watching the movie together. She wanted them there (she has never watched a movie with all of them). She kept trying to talk to them. She said kitty and bird. She kicked Juergen and I out of the room. This was a time with her brothers and sisters. I cried tears of joy. Jessica was reaching out to her brothers and sisters for the very first time in her life. And the also reached out to her. I’m not sure what we will try today. Maybe a small tour, and then an afternoon in the pool. Rick made us a really great stir fry last night. We all eat it up (even the vegetables). It was wonderful! He is now the company chief. The food here is not cheep. It pays to shop and cook food for yourselves. I wish I had a good coffee maker and a crock pot. Maybe the owner has a crock-pot. That would be perfect…an effortless warm dinner every night.

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