Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm praying...I feel hepless


Just two weeks ago my parents and I were having such a good time together. Today my mom sits in a Rehab center with a broken leg, and my dad worries insurance may not cover the costs! I would drop my plans to go to Cyprus but they wouldn't want that. It is not easy to live on the other end of the world. I'm so sorry I am not there to help. It stresses me out...I feel pretty helpless! My sister Shelley is going to visit her daughter in New York. She does not get to see her daughter so often. I'm happy for her and would not want her to change her plans. My sister Dianna is going to Washington to help her daughter because she just lost her baby. Again, I'm so sorry for this loss (life is handing us so much grief at the moment). Rick, my brother is coming here. So even when my parents have 4 kids we are all busy. As you can see I'm feeling odd going on a vacation, and not being there for them!
I packed most of what we need for our trip to Cyprus. Rick comes on Sunday, and I have to be at the doctors with Philip and Sarah most of tomorrow. I basically have only Saturday to finish with the packing. Monday (God willing) I take Nicole, Thomas, and Rick to Paris. I find it hard to be happy about it. It seemed like a good plan, now it just seems like I am dancing while my parents are in pain. Mom was so happy Rick could make this trip. He has never done anything like this. I am going to try my best to make it super special because Mom would want this. What is out of my hands if firmly in Gods hands. I am praying.


Shelley said...

Mom and Dad are in good hands. I'm going over tomorrow with a bunch of food so he will be fine. Mom is being well cared for where she is at.
We all need to rest.
Have a great time.
Love, Shelley

RamblingMother said...

praying for your parents! enjoy your time in Paris with your kids, those are precious memories. Also, enjoy the time with your brother. God will tend to your parents!