Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just another great day

Philip and Sarah are hunting for salamanders in the garden. They both have sticks and they are turning over rocks. It’s too cute! Jessica is sleeping and Thomas is playing Lego. Juergen took Rick and Nicole to look at an old Monastery. I’m sure it’s beautiful but the kids didn’t want to go. I’m just fine sitting in the garden. It’s so lovely! Rick and I drove around taking photos today. We stopped and mailed post cards. We eat the best lemon ice cream. I bought some questionably legal DVD’s for the kids to watch here. I plan to leave them with the owner of the house. I don’t want to have any trouble with customs. Rick made the most wonderful fresh salsa for lunch. We also tried a cake I might serve at Juergen birthday party. He turns 50 on Monday.

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