Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mom

I just read my sisters blog. My mom has to go to a rehab center for a few weeks before she can go home. Her leg has to be strong enough that she can get up and down on her own. I'm sure that this news breaks the heart of my dad and sister Dianna. I'm sure they would do anything to take care of mom them selves. But what you will to do, and actually can do are not always the same thing. I'm certain mom will be better off getting the immediate care she needs. This is only a short term solution...a bridge. After her leg heals they need to give her knee surgery. That will also require months of rehabilitation. It is a bitter pill to swallow. I'm really sorry I am not there to help, but so glad they came here first. God was so good to us when he gave us our time together!

A note to Shelley, I think you are being wise. Hang in there! I'm sure this was a very hard choice, but mom does need the correct care right now. It is not a long term thing!

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