Friday, March 20, 2009

They are not happy because he is for abortion...but we told them that. Why did they vote for him?

This kills me. 54% of all Catholic voters voted for Obama. Didn't we say the man has the worst voting record on abortion? I was screaming it!!! I WAS SCREEMING IT!!! So why is anyone surprised about his aggressive anti life agenda? Give me a break! We could have had a pro life President America. We could have had real change. Now our sitting president shows up on Jay Leno trying to charm America in to swallowing his ideas. You express your strong stance for life with your vote. If life was "the most important value" then why did you vote for a man that never met a´pro abortion law he did not like? President Obama is doing everything he said he would do. He is redistributing wealth and providing free abortions on demand up to the 9th month! Americans sound like women who marry terrible men. “I knew he was a creep but I can change him”. “He makes me feel so good”. WAKE UP!

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