Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She has been gone one year today

One year ago today Juergen's wonderful mom went home to Jesus. I've missed her. She was so sick before she died. I must be honest and say it was a blessing. When you are so ill, death is a blessing. We live in a body that is fragile and so easily broken. It's nice to think of the freedom and peace she must have now. Juergen has gone to the North to be with his Dad. Really, death is only hard for us because we are the ones who must continue to live without the constant gift of our wonderful friend. I can see my own life slipping away. I do not hold on to this life so tightly. It will not be so very long until I also go home to my Lord. It will be so sweet to meet all those I have loved and missed.
Please say a prayer for Juergen's dad Richard. This will be a hard day for him.


RamblingMother said...

I agree. Death is most disturbing to us left to grieve for those who have gone before if they were Christians that is.

caring for the garden said...

I too have been thinking of Richard in regards to this day. I am graetful that Juergen has gone north to be with him. That sensitivity is so precious. We all miss Waltraud, but none so intensly as Richard. My prayer is that he will be able to praise God for taking her out of all her pain. But I know he is lonely without her.

Shelley said...

I pray for Richard's comfort in the Lord knowing his loving friend is in his hands.
I pray for those who are left here on earth to remember the love she shared on earth.
That they will follow her loving example with others.
Love, Shelley

[ U j ] said...
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