Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I can not see

I was doing a craft with Sarah this afternoon. I needed to thread a needle...I could not do it! I can not see without my glasses. So what do I do? I try, and try, and try. Finally after 20 minutes I give up and go find my glasses. Oh boy am I falling apart!


Shelley said...

Everyone over 40 needs glasses, there are a few exceptions.
I don't mind I can't see with out them. It's fun to switch up the frames now and then. At first I went with the thin wire frames because I didn't want anyone to notice the glasses. Now I go with the biggest frame possible so I can find them.

Heather BT said...

You're lucky, I need glasses all the time, and I need my glasses to find my glasses. If I lose them, I'm toast; I actually keep a pair of old glasses just to help me with find the good ones.
Take care, and maybe get one of those granny glasses holders around your neck as a way to keep them close?
Heather BT