Thursday, March 12, 2009

copy cats

I listened to the news again, maybe I should just stop doing that. The authorities have gotten 6 different warnings of kids wanting to repeat yesterdays shootings, copy cats. One of those warnings came from a small town just 10 miles from us. What can you do to be safe? The shooter did not just kill kids in a school, but he also shot people in a store, a hospital, and on the street. You can not hid in your home for fear of being a victim. It is sad that 6 other people felt a need to express a desire to copy this tragic act. I'm sure parents do there best to love their kids, but so much in society tears kids down. There are so many sad and lonely people in this world. I guess all we can do is pray for Gods protection. We should also be kind to people. We should try to build people up. But that’s not always easy. There is a lonely boy in our neighborhood. His parents are always gone. Every vacation you can count on this kid showing up to play. But he is a few years older then my boys, and he is ruff. Last time he came over he hit Sarah and shoved her head into a pillow. We had to ask him to leave. So I see him on the streets. I have to protect my kids. He is too old and ruff to have over anymore. I see him alone on the streets. It's sad. What do I do? There are so many lost and lonely people. My first responsibility is to protect my own kids. It makes me mad that this kids family were never there for him.

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