Tuesday, August 09, 2016

you pay for real-estate

Jürgen took the girls to the beach for a few hours.  Afterwards Sarah wanted me to take her out.  We walked towards the Rialto Bridge.  We sat at an overpriced café and had an ice cream.  You do not really pay for food in Venice, you pay for real-estate.  We rented chairs next to the Grand Canal.  And it was fun to watch all the people walk by.  We shopped for gifts for the boys.  I have not heard from them.  I assume that means they are having a brilliant time!  Sarah said Thomas changed his profile picture.  It was him sitting on the beach with a group of teens.  I hope to hear good things from them when we all return to Germany on the weekend.  We saw a Jesus bobble head.  He was in a group of soccer stars and a pope bobble head.  What do you think?  Sacrilegious or complement?  It made me smile.  I would not want to offend anyone by buying it, but it made me smile.  Jesus is still a super star standing with the pope and the world’s soccer heroes.  And of course he is much more to me.  Jürgen really likes it here.  He was excited to take off and explore the other side of the island.  He loves the water.  And I’m just happy he is relaxing.  He needed to get 100% away from it all.  He cannot download his email.  The internet is too slow.  I think it is a good thing! 

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