Monday, August 08, 2016

Jessica has been pretty stressed out. There are so many people here you can hardly walk. We even looked into train and airline tickets. I thought I could leave early and Nicole, Jürgen and Sarah could come home on Saturday. But the last minute flights are too expensive. So we just need to hang in there. We will take her out early in the morning and later in the evening. After the crowds are gone. This morning Nicole and I got out early for coffee on St Mark's. Jürgen is out with Sarah for lunch. I will go with Nicole to see art this afternoon. We probably will never come here again because of the crowds. I wish Jessica was willing to take a boat. There are great daytrips near here. Maybe we should have gotten an apartment or house off the island. That is just how life is when you have an autistic child. You do what you can. Some do not even try. I’m glad we tried this. It is stressful, but ok.

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