Sunday, August 07, 2016

7 hours

Yesterday it took us 7 hours to get Jessica from the car to the apartment. She is afraid of water. Taking a water taxi was completely out of the question so we took the train. And normally it would take 45 minutes to walk from the train station to our apartment. But Jessica sat down, and refused to move. Jürgen thought it was hopeless, and he should just drive home to Germany. Nicole and Sarah were so stressed out they were crying. I asked Jürgen to take the girls to the apartment. I could not manage their drama, and Jessica’s too. And so I sat with her. We sat for a few hours until it was dark. I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes. And I was sweating so much, because of the heavy humidity. The Italians are slaves to fashion. We saw a parade of designer people as we sat there. I can only imagine what they must have thought of Jessica and me sitting on the sidewalk. My arms were black and blue because Jessica had pitched me so much. And the sole of my sandal began to peel off. I’m sure I could have made some good money if I had placed a cup in front of us. Finally I was ready to give up. I asked Jess if she wanted to go back to the car. I thought I would sleep with her in the car, and drive home today. We passed a stand that sells soda on the way back to the train station. At first I said no to the drink. I was pretty upset with Jessica. But I gave in. And instead of walking to the station, Jess wanted to go back to the place we had been sitting. But I managed to get her to keep walking. It was dark, and you could not see the water so well. I followed the signs towards St Marks. Our apartment is 5 minutes from St Marks. I did stop a few times to check if we were going in the right direction. Most of the people I asked were kind. One waiter I asked was very rude. Perhaps he did not approve of how we looked? I’m sure we looked like something the cat dragged in. Venice is extremely beautiful. I was concentrating on Jessica, but I still managed to see the charming environment. I would have loved to stop at one of the sidewalk cafes for dinner. But we were so sweaty and dirty at this point. I did stop 3 times to by Jessica drinks. Finally we were just one small bridge away from our goal. But Jessica was too tired, and refused to cross the bridge. We were next to a gondola stand. They had chairs there. They welcomed us too sit down. It was 10:30pm. They were closing shop. Jürgen called me on the phone. I described were we were. It took him about a half hour to find us. But he came, and helped me bring Jessica over that final bridge. We changed her and put her to bed. She was out cold in 5 minutes. But the extreme stress of it took its toll on Jürgen and me. It was very hard to calm down and sleep. And today I have felt really sick. I guess I lost too many minerals from the sweating yesterday. My whole system seemed out of balance. I’ve spent almost the entire day in bed. Jürgen is out with Jessica now. They are looking for the McDonalds. I’m hoping to be recovered enough tomorrow to go to some museums with Nicole.

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