Friday, August 05, 2016

Cinque Terre maybe

It is our final day in Lucca. Tomorrow we will move to an apartment in Venice. The weather is not so good today. It is raining and there is thunder. J├╝rgen, Sarah and Nicole are going to go to Cinque Terre. They plan to take the train from La Spezia, and perhaps ride a boat back later in the afternoon. It all depends on weather. I will pack and do the laundry today. Nothing too exciting. Maybe I’ll be able to get Jessica out of the house for a short walk? Maybe a short swim if the weather clears? I’ve got books to read. I’ve been to Cinque Terre a few times, so you do not need to feel sad for me. I just pray the weather is better on the coast then it is here. It is raining hard here. Juergen could use a nice day!

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