Friday, September 12, 2014

thoughts on 9-11.....

I had a neighbor who always had a German flag flying in his yard (except when we are in the world cup, to fly a German flag is not normal in Germany). He took the German flag down on 9-11, and raised an American flag, at half-staff. I cannot explain what that action spoke to my heart. I think for a small time the entire world had sympathy for America. It hurt us all. I do not like how Bush pushed ahead without the total support of Europe. I was not opposed to the war, but I cried when he rushed into it so fast. And I think President Obama failed in helping to maintain that peace. Even passive Germany has now sent weapons to help arm Iraqi Kurdish security forces. But we should pray for our leaders. I think American Christians need to stop bashing President Obama right now, and pray. He still has the terrible job of sending our sons and daughters to war. My own sons are 16 and 17 years old. They are not Americans. I never gave them citizenship. I did not want them to be drafted into a war. But perhaps, as Germans they must also fight? I am very sober about what seems to be coming.

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