Monday, September 08, 2014

Happy Birthday

I just put Jessica on the bus.  She is so happy to be going to her workshop with the brownies her sister Nicole  made for her.  I hope everyone sings happy birthday.  Her joy is awesome!  It blesses me to see her happy!  I remember the years when I would mourn because my baby was so sick, and could not talk and thrive like other children.  It is an awful thing to grieve the loss of all your hopes and dreams for your child.  I’m sure it would have been easier to give up my life then to see her so broken.  But I’ve learned to yield all my dreams and hopes to a God that loves us both more than I can ever think or imagine.  And He has faithfully helped our family love and care for Jessica (and this is not always easy).  And her life is good, and to my great surprise so is mine.  It is not really a testimony of how wonderful Juergen and I are, although I admit my husband is the best person I know!  It is a testimony of how God can take what is broken and create beauty.  Jessica is one of the most beautiful persons I know.  Satan has tried to destroy that beauty.  Sickness has scared that beauty. But still the lovely girl God so carefully crafted 23 years ago is still so full of life and joy.  This is the grace of God.  And one fine day I will see her as she was meant to be, healthy and whole.  This is my great hope.  Until God first heals her, or until heaven I see sweet glimpses of what is hidden.  And I am very blessed! 

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Rick Moreno said...

You certainly are...we all are, thanks to Jessie!