Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A good day for soup

It's a cold and over cast day.  How I wish we had some sunshine!  But it is a good day for soup.  And I have pumpkins.  I bake my pumpkin first, then remove the seeds.  And then I use my hand blender, and add all sorts of good stuff to bring out the flavor.  For me that was water, bullion, butter, and sour cream, onion, garlic, salt, pepper and Italian spices.  You could add all sorts of other stuff.  Coconut, pineapple and curry is also good.  Whatever you like.  And I had left over chicken and rice.  It was wonderful.  I'm sorry summer seems like it has passed us by.  But I love the fall.  I love the colors and flavors. I kept waiting for summer to show up. And now we need to look at planting spring flower bulbs.  If I want summer, I'll have to get on an airplane.  I better just accept it is now fall! I'm going to make apple juice, light good smelling candles, and pull my sweaters from my closet. It feels like my life…gone by so fast.   

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Rick Moreno said...

Delish! Wow, so much of my summer was consumed by improving our house and garden. The big day is this Saturday. But, there were some time in the mix that we enjoyed and amazing NW Summer too. But, like you... I love the Fall.