Friday, September 05, 2014

2 moms

Yesterday I was at Europa Park with 3 of my kids.  They wanted to ride every rollercoaster and I didn’t.  So I would often just wait for them at the exit.  I had my Bible.  I read the book of Luke.  I also did some writing, and I watched people.  I noticed allot of tired parents with tired babies.  And I noticed allot of disabled people.  I am generally watching my daughter Jessica who has autism.  And when I watch Jessica I don’t see much.  But it was nice to see so many happy disabled people with loving care takers.  I am pretty sure Jessica would not like Europa Park because of the noise and crowds.  And one time I sat down next  to a Russian women that sat alone.  She was also waiting for her family.  I asked her  (in German) allot of questions about her life.  She seemed very happy to talk with someone.  I think she had spent most of the day alone.  And at one point she told me about her 17 year old son who had been killed in Moscow.  He was jumped by a gang of men at a disco, and beaten to death.  All I could say was how sad that was, and how sorry I was. But she was grateful to just tell someone that she missed him.  Her 13year old was having fun with his dad, and she sat missing her 17 year old.  And when her husband and son returned, she almost didn’t want to leave.  My son Thomas is 17 years old today.  My life could not be more different.  I have it so easy, so very easy!  But yesterday we were just two women sitting on the same bench waiting for our families to ride a roller coaster.  Two women who love our kids. 

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This is so beautiful!