Wednesday, April 09, 2014

7 years ago today

We were picked up in a large van by our guide Michael. He speaks very good English and is very good at what he does. We waited about 10 or 15 minutes for Sarah to arrive at the civil service office. She arrived with the chief nanny and she was really afraid. She is very tiny, and very beautiful! We didn't rush her. We wanted to just give her a chance to warm up to us. We first played with the magna doodle, and then with the bubbles. She was fine until I tried to hold her. Then she cried pretty hard. Her tears really got to Nicole who also began to cry. I managed to keep my head straight. I know that if they cry, it generally means they were well cared for. She was loved...this is very clear. What is also clear is that she is very smart. She tried to get her nanny to take her back to the children's home. She said they could go get other children to also come with us! After finishing the papers, we went to take the official 'parents with child' picture that is part of the adoption process. She cried through this as well. Finally we left without her nanny, and she also cried.


Shelley Stuewe said...

very nice

Rick Moreno said...

How blessed are you!