Sunday, April 06, 2014

Waiting at the airport

We got up at 5am and had coffee with Mom and Dad.  Yes it was sad to say goodbye, it always is.  And we drove to Salem and had a big breakfast at Denny's.  I ate blueberry pancakes.  They aren't gluten free, but I'll be good when I get home.  Then we drove to Portland and filled the rental car with gas before dropping it off.  Then we took a shuttle to the airport and checked our bags.  We had to pull stuff out of 2 bags because they were overweight by 2 pounds.  We have big carry-ons.  Much bigger then I like.  Going through security was easy.  I was surprised because I was carrying a pressure cooker.  But the airline website said it was ok to carry on.  And I informed the security we had it.  It was no problem at all.  I hope it fits in the overhead compartment.  So now we wait.  We are 3 hours early and siting at the gate.  Maybe I can Skype Juergen? 

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