Sunday, April 06, 2014

the bags are packed

Today just went by very fast...the whole week did really.  We had to pack our bags.  Space was no problem but weight was.  Each bag had to weigh less than 23 kilos.  So Nicole and I had to open and close bags moving stuff around.  I hope we got it right.  And Philip and I need to carry on some pretty big bags.  But we will make it work.  I'm just not sure how we will fit it all into my small car once we get to Frankfurt.  But I'm sure we will manage that too.  I talked with my brother on the phone.  Dianna came by and had lunch with us.  Shelley and Eric came by for tea.  I made my parents copies of pictures I took this week.  Nicole and Philip did some yard work.  Nicole did some painting.  It was a full day.  Sadly we get up at 5am, and leave at 6am for the airport.  And of course I'm sad to leave, but happy to return home.  And Mom and Dad look so tired.  I know they will miss us, but I'm sure they will also enjoy the quite.  They will like getting back to their routine.  We sort of wore them out.  So I'll post again (God willing) from Germany.  I have a really wonderful family!  I could get really sad because I love them so much and I miss them so much.  But instead I'm just going to thank God for the extremely wonderful time we had together.  It was a great blessing!  We may be far away, but we remain very close.  And my door is open...and I hope that my family will also come see us too when they can. But I will faithfully write on this blog.  It is mostly for my family...because we have this ocean separating us.  Pray for us, that we return safely home.  Good night.     

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