Sunday, January 19, 2014

He is doing a little better

I talked with my Dad today on the phone. They had him out of bed sitting in a chair. He was clearer then yesterday, but sounded very weak and tired. He was looking forward to the big game. Go Seattle! He may even get to eat some GF Pizza. But he needs allot of rest and time. I thank you for your thoughts and prayer. I hope he will return to his old self. It will take some time. I guess as long as I know he is out of danger and will regain his speech and ability to think I'm at peace. It all goes in stages...first saving his life...then helping him regain his regaining his reason. And I guess it is happening very fast. But I wait all day long to hear of any change. I am so anxious to know he will be OK. And even though He was so weak, I see amazing progress. So I really think He will recover. And for this I am so glad! I'll go to bed and look forward to an email from my Mom when I wake up.

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