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My Dad

I got a call from my Mom yesterday night. She sounded upset and I sort of tried to calm myself...tried to not fear the worst. My Dad had passed out and it was hard for her to wake him. She was not sure at the time if it was a stroke. And I guess she gave him something to drink. Chocolate milk. He is diabetic. That was a wise thing to do. And the fire department was called. And he was taken to emergency. And eventually put in the hospital. Tests were run. His breathing was poor. At first they thought it was pneumonia. But now they know his kidneys were not working well. The drugs he was taking built up in his system causing an over dose. It was all very scary. But he is stable. My sister Shelley was at the hospital with my Mom. I'm so glad she was there. I think Dianna was also there at least part of the time. She works, so I imagine she was there as much as possible. And I prayed. I'm grateful God gives me this means to help. I would feel so helpless without prayer. I'm waiting to talk with both my parents. I do not want to disturb their sleep. I hate this awful time change. I hate this distance...I've always hated this distance. But thank God he is stable. Thank God it was not a stroke or his heart. I pray his kidneys are ok and that this is not a permeate problem. But at least they have discovered it in time. It could have been fatal. Thank God for the Dr’s, fire department, clear thinking of my Mom, my sisters. I was told by a friend she feared for the health of her parents. She got phone calls like this. Eventually she got the phone call she had feared the most. And I realize this will also happen to me. It will happen to all of us. Our days are numbered. So we should not put off doing what we need to do. We should take the trips we want to take, speak the words we need to say. Do not look back in regrets. You cannot stop the clock, but you can live your life instead of letting it just pass by. I thank God for my family. They are so precious to me…each one of them. I look forward to seeing them at the end of March. I do hope God gives me that opportunity. But only God knows our days.


RamblingMother said…
Praying for you and your family.

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