Monday, January 20, 2014

Go Hawks

My Mom said Dad was doing much better today. But he got really tired and disorientated as the day continued. He needs lots of rest. He did watch part of the big playoff game. And our whole family is cheering for Seattle to win the super bowl on Feb. 2nd. Nicole is going to Seattle to paint with my brother at the beginning of March. My brother is selling allot of t shirts he has designed for the team. He has a design ready for the super bowl too. I hope he sells allot of shirts. It's good business for him! Mom is very tired as you can imagine. But I'm sure she is also relived. It's been a rough few days. There are allot of things going on here too, but I could hardly think of much besides my Dad. Juergen has helped so much with the kids. He also talked with his own Dad last night. Richard seems to be doing well. I think Juergen will go visit him on the weekend. I'm going to try to reorganize my office this week. I have so much paper to get rid of, and books to try to resale on Amazon.

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