Thursday, January 16, 2014

A little sick

I have what I think is a stomach flu today. I have a headache, the chills, and I have to run to the toilet allot. Not fun. It's rainy and cold outside. I have allot of stuff to read. I read today that long winters were made for warm blankets and thick books. I guess you can add tea to that list, and dreaming of summer. I found a vacation house on the Oregon coast. God willing, my family is going to have a very special birthday party for my mom there. I am going to America at the end of March. Nicole will already be there. She is traveling for a whole month. I can only manage 10 days away. It's too hard on Jürgen to be a single parent for longer than that. It's too hard for me too. Our kids are allot of work. And he won't have Nicole’s help. But he did it 2 times last year. I'm pretty sure he can handle it. And I'm going to try hard to have a great trip to visit my family. I hope the weather is good. Oregon has one of the nicest coasts in the world. It isn’t all that warm, but it is amazingly beautiful. I have not spent much time there. But I look forward to some long walks on the beach, and trying to catch a crab. I don’t even know if I like crab. I’ve only had it in sushi rolls. But the trip to the coast is something I look forward to. It warms my heart on this cold day!

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