Thursday, November 07, 2013


I've been thinking allot about Germany. When I look at what Germany was like after WW2, and what it is like now I am amazed at how this could have happened? The progress and beauty is nothing short of a miracle. I was in England last May. The country is falling apart. You cannot rely on past glory. And I guess this is true for our own lives too. We must all work hard and continue to invest in the future. I'm grateful for the extremely hard work Juergens parents’ generation did. Out of the ashes they built a very beautiful nation. And I know the nation was helped by Britain, America, and France. I do not really like the way Russia helped East Germany. And I'm shocked and saddened by the way the British, American's, French and Russians treated the Germans directly after the war. In a way I can understand the anger...they had lost so much during the war. Russia for example lost over 30 million people during WW2. But they raped the German women. This is never justified. The richest part of Germany is the South. This is the area the Americans occupied after the war. I would like to think American help had something to do with the success of the Southern part of Germany. But the Northern part was so heavily bombed during the war, and had so many people. The British really had the biggest job to do. I think America and Britain could use some help now. It would be good for both countries to have governments that could stand back a little and think objectively about what is the best way to move the nation forward. America has not been bombed, but so many of its cities are in ruin and need a good plan to come back.

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