Sunday, November 03, 2013

A day of rest

Juergen was at his dad's this weekend. Richard is doing fine. Juergen worries about him but he is doing really ok. I can never sleep well when Juergen is away. But he got home last night, and I could sleep. And today I sat with Jessica for two hours in McDonalds. She just loves to sit there and watch people, so this is what we did. She is so sweet! I love her so much! And I watched a movie and just got some rest. The kids have had fall vacation. They are good kids but it takes it out of me when they are on vacation. So I’m happy school begins again tomorrow. I have already begun to pack for my trip to America. I got Philip the travel document he needs to come into the states (ESTA). I look forward to the trip. Juergen took this photo of Sarah's soccer team. Thomas is one of the coaches. He also plays soccer on a team.

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