Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Advent, Advent

I'm getting really excited about our trip to America. Juergen talked to Philip's teacher. It's OK for him to travel with me. Our suitcases have seen better days. The large case Nicole took to Cyprus is now broken. And the other large case Juergen took to Africa does not close anymore. So I ordered 2 new large cases on Amazon. In fact I should be getting a steady stream of boxes in the mail. It will be Advent before we return from America, so I ordered Advent calendars for all the kids. And I ordered 12 pairs of socks for Juergen. I thought I would put one sock in each day of his advent calendar (along with other stuff like chocolate and gummy bears). Then at the end of the 24 days he will have 12 pairs of new socks. I have so many things to consider before I leave. I'm trying not to stress out. I just need to work off the list. But what a happy thing to be going home for Thanksgiving.

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