Sunday, November 24, 2013

We got here

It was a crazy and long trip with more than one delay but we got here ok. And after 28 hours of travel it was not hard to sleep through the night. The first day we visited with my parents and sister Dianna, and her daughter Bridgett and kids. We all went to the dollar store where the kids got to buy whatever they wanted (that was fun) and also had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I got a killer headache about 3pm. I'm sure it was just jet lag. But Philip and I both managed to stay awake until 9pm. Unfortunately I did wake up at about 2:30am. And today I'm feeling pretty tired. I figure I'll get over the jetlag in time to go back home again. We missed church today. Philip is having fun watching TV. We don't have TV at home. The funny commercials are a hit with him. I'm also catching up with my mom and all her geological research. My mom is really into genealogy. I think it’s cool to know my family history, but my adopted kids don’t know anything about their birth families. So I feel like I cannot make a big deal out of the topic. It would be so awesome to know even the names of Philip, Thomas, and Sarah’s birth parents. But that may never be known. And they are perfectly wonderful to me without a knowledge of history. I simply have mixed feeling because of this. But my mom learns such interesting things about the travels, struggles and accomplishments of our family.

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