Saturday, October 20, 2012

The walls are up

I like the idea of using wood on the greenhouse. Juergen and the kids finished the walls of the greenhouse today. We still need to finish putting on the earthen plaster. I want to find some wooden branches to nail to the front wall. Then I want to cover those branches with concrete. I saw this done in Italy. I thought it looked really cool. I think the front of the greenhouse would look too plain without something more. I'm still sick so I didn't help today. Instead I'm working on what I'm teaching on Tuesday night. I'll be teaching on how to be prepared for the end times. It is mostly a teaching on Matthew 25. This is one of my very favorite chapters in the Bible. Anyway, I love the greenhouse. I still need a heater. We will start moving plants in (God willing) next week. I can fit 6 to 8 high raised beds. I have room for a very long table. I'll also put 2 of our large water containers, a total of 1300 liters of water in the greenhouse. This will help control the environment in the greenhouse. The sun will heat the water up, and then the water will heat the cold air at night. The high raised beds will also have a large amount of compost at the bottom of the beds. Compost cooks at about 400 degrees when it's composting. So this will also help passively keep our greenhouse warm. It really is turning out to be wonderful! Better then I could have hoped. A big thanks to Nicole and Juergen. They both did so much. But also thanks to Sarah, Thomas and Philip who also helped. Click on the pictures to see them larger.

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