Friday, October 05, 2012

The wall

Nicole and I are still working on the wall outside. You can not go very fast or the cement does not hold the weight of the bottles. Jessica is sick today. Her teacher brought her home early. Juergen wants me to teach next week. I was not ready, and I thought I was going to teach in 2 weeks. But I'm more ready then Juergen. So I need to pull my thoughts together. And of course we have our wedding Anniversary tomorrow, and Thomas' birthday party on Sunday. So I have to clean the house, and shop and cook for the party. I was not planning to be this busy. It would have been fine if I was not teaching. But I love the topic, and I am grateful to teach even when it makes things a little busy. Juergen and I want to go out to breakfast tomorrow. Then I guess he will work on the green house while I work on my teaching. He needs to translate my notes Sunday night. And I'll clean, shop and cook in the afternoon and evening. Fun, Fun, Fun! But I'm glad Thomas will have a big party. He doesn't have many friends over. This will be good for him! It’s our 22 Anniversary and Thomas’ 15th birthday party. It will be a full weekend, but a nice one too.

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Rick Moreno said...

Happy Birthday Thomas! All the best to you and Jurgen. You remind me of the kazoos and straw hats we celebrated with on that day! Enjoy:).