Wednesday, October 31, 2012

cooking chicken

I dug a hole in the ground, lined it with fire bricks, and burned a pile of wood. Then I pushed the Coles to the side, and put an iron pot in the hole. It was full of chicken that had been wrapped in foil. The top of the pot was covered with foil. then I put the Coles around and on top of the pot. Then topped that with soil. Now we are waiting for a few hours to see if our chicken cooks. If it works out, I will cook our thanksgiving turkey this way. I've seen it done on you tube. The ground was steaming as I covered it with soil. I've heard the ground can hold the heat for 12 hours. It works like a slow cooker or Crockpot. These kind of things fascinate me. The Coles can be used in my garden. Coles produced under low oxygen can help improve soil in a vegetable garden. In fact it causes the production to increase as much as 300%. It’s called Bio char. So I’m cooking lunch and making Bio char for my vegetable garden. The chicken worked. It cooked in 3 hours. It did not brown very well. Only the one piece of chicken on the top of the pot browned well. So for a turkey or 2, I'll need to dig the whole deeper, and produce even more hot Coles to cook the birds. But it really worked well! I put the chicken in the oven to brown. And because I had wrapped everything well with foil, it was very clean, no dirt on the chicken. How cool! I cooked chicken in a deep pit barbeque. We could have a Hawaiian pig roast, in a pit. Maybe I'll buy a ham?

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Rick Moreno said...

Your chicken wrapped up in foil reminds me of the USS Enterprise. Live long and Prosperous!!!!Or, maybe "beam me up Scottie"