Friday, October 19, 2012

Still sick

I just read that the real unemployment rate in the US is : U6 Rate 14.7 Percent, as U3 Falls to 7.8 Percent . That means allot of people just gave up looking. The unemployment rate in Germany is 5.5%- We are doing fine, but so many of my friends and family are unemployed or under employed. This is why I care about this election. I'm still sick. Juergen had a few meetings at work, but was able to come home early to take care of the kids. Thank God he has flex time! I find it funny that women think it's sexist for Romney to say his chief of staff wanted flex time. Anyone with kids needs flex time. My kids will be eating allot of Mc Donald’s and pizza because Juergen does not cook much. My brother is a good cook. I would love to have him around to cook me chicken soup. I think I could keep that down today. The weather looks lovely outside, and it's my God Childs 2nd birthday. I'm sad about what I'm missing being sick. But thank God for a husband that can come home from his super important job and take care of his other super important job.

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Rick Moreno said...

Take care sis.