Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yes we are going to Texel!

Juergen and I sat down for an hour and booked a vacation house on the North Sea. We will have 2 whole weeks uninterrupted as a family. The beach is cold, but we can dig deep holes in the sand and fly kites. I can even bring our crazy dog! I need to find a house sitter, and someone to water my plants! The house we rented is small, but the vacation complex has indoor/out door swimming, bowling, bungee trampolines, mini golf, and a giant indoor play park. We can ride bikes, and go roller skating too. The price was very good. It is just a small amount compared to Thailand. Maybe I'll still get a new bathroom? What's good is I get a vacation. I know I already had a vacation this year (2 if you count my trip to America). I'm just so tired. My life makes me so tired right now. It's stress! I know my boys are just in a difficult stage. I pray they will grow out of it. But for now I'm grateful for this trip.

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