Friday, July 23, 2010

a dream

I was having breakfast with a very good friend of mine. We both attend the same church. We both want to preach but it isn’t allowed right now. Our pastor (who is a good man) doesn’t personally believe women should preach. Our church is divided on this subject. I do not push it but it frustrates me. I know many people frustrated because they have spiritual gifts, but find no clear way of using them. Any way, I had an idea today. Perhaps my friend and I could start a women’s ministry to reach our church, and city. I get a word, “ dream”. I would want to meet once every 3 months. We could have good worship, teaching, and prayer in small groups. The goal would be to build women up, help them to dream, support their dreams, and applaud their work. Another serious short coming of our church is it ‘s not good at encouraging the volunteers. I wouldn’t wait for our church to praise what we do, I would create a community that stands behind its people and regularly pats them on the back. Women need a regular watering of appreciation. We don’t get it enough from our husbands and children. We often get over looked or taken for granted in our jobs and volunteer service. I want to change that. And my dream is to do it for women all over the area, not just our church. If I can not preach on Sunday morning, it will not keep me quite. If I can not influence everyone in my church, I can still have influence. Anyway, this is my new idea. Please pray for me. Feel free to send me any ideas of what you have seem and read. I feel like I’ve been in a desert for too long. I do not want to remain in this dry place, and more important, I want to create an oasis for my sisters. They have so much to give, and they are so wonderful. It is painful to see them drying up.

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Heather BT said...

Go sow some seeds!
Don;t let them fall among the rocks or wither because of lack of water!