Friday, July 02, 2010


Juergen eat breakfast with me outside under our pergola this morning. It was beautiful. It's very hot, so I watered the garden again. Juergen even watered the grape himself. He doesn't often care for plants. It's cute when he does! I also watched videos on you tube about tomato disease. I already have some "end rot" on one of my tomatoes. The tomatoes are growing, but the end of the tomato is brown and rotten. I learned you need to add calcium to the soil. I added some Tomato fertilizer. I may also go get calcium to add. Apart from that, the plants look good. I am taking a few of Philip's friends to the pre teen group at church today. I am also dreaming of a vacation in Thailand. I would almost say forget the new bathroom...lets go to Thailand! I don't know what it is about that place, but I always want to be there! I guess it's the one place we have found everyone in our family loves. And when you have a family of 7 with so many special needs, that's allot! Italy was nice, Cyprus was nice but Thailand...always Thailand!

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