Thursday, July 08, 2010

The future belongs to Germany!

It was sad to watch Germany lose to Spain last night. They seemed paralyzed by fear. I had to talk to the kids this morning. They were so sad. All I could say is Germany is young…and they will be the team to beat going forward. After everyone was gone to school and work , I went to my garden and worked off my sorrow. There is nothing like getting your hand dirty and working up some honest sweat to give you a perspective. I hope Klose breaks the world cup record for most goals scored. We will be cheering for him on Saturday. It’s sad we lost, but I’m so proud of our young team! We will definitely be hungry for the cup in 2014! Spain has never made it to the finals of the world cup. I can imagine the dancing in the streets! My friend Bill Jackson is a missionary in Spain. he e-mailed me. He said he saw more then a few people jumping into the fountains, and honking their horns. Everyone wants to win. Spain just wanted it more! The future belongs to us!!!

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