Friday, March 19, 2010

A very nice day

The weather was super nice today. It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for a person. I planted all the flower bulbs I bought last year for my parents. They couldn't bring them home because of Agricultural regulations. I had them outside all winter. I planted about 100 tulips and daffodils. I can hardly find a spot in my small yard to place another plant. We are pretty maxed out here! Nicole and I planted 34 different heirloom tomatoes. I rolled paper pots out of newspaper. We filled these pots with soil, and placed them together in a deep plastic basket. Then I filled the bottom of the basket with water. The water soaked up the pots from the bottom up. Then I made labels for each of the tomatoes. 34 different labels, 7 different variety’s. The tomato seeds are tiny. We were very careful planting the special seeds. Now our tomato seedlings are in the green house. I wouldn't dare think of putting them outside for another 6 weeks. We could get another frost.

I am thinking about teaching Philip's school class how to make an African bag garden. All of the kids in his class come from disadvantaged families. Most are immigrants. All have single moms. All are poor. It's odd that Philip is the only one with a dad at home, and he is pretty well off money wise too. I actually think a dad is worth much more then money. I figure it would only cost us 150 Euros to build a sack garden for each of the kids in Philips class. We could bring the materials over to each kids house. This would give us good contact with the parents. We’ll talk with Philips teacher next week. Nicole is also thinking of going to Baja Mexico to teach how to build a sack garden to the poor people Baja Christian Ministries works with . BCM builds houses for the poor, she would like to teach them how to grow food. Maybe this is what she can do after she graduates next year? I think it's a great idea! BCM has built hundreds of houses for poor families in Baja. They have a goal to build 10,000 in the next 10 years. Nicole said the families could only afford the most basic food. Bag gardens could be easily set up in these yards. It could make a real difference!


Shelley said...

It is beautiful here today too. I just finished planting all the window boxes.
Some of the heirloom tomatoes are sprouting already that you brought down. How exciting.
Going to go out and plant more tomatoes and peppers.

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................