Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank you Elke and Happy birthday Mom!

I found a large red basket in a second hand shop today. I've been collecting candy for my family the past 2 months. We gave up sugar for lent. They will sure be excited about this loot on Sunday! I have American and German chocolate, and real jellybeans. I generally make a family basket instead of individual baskets. It’s just so much easier then 7 baskets! I also bought some water plants. A good friend gave me all sorts of fun stuff including large a planter with a water proof liner. I added stones to the bottom of the planter and water plants. I’ll take photos once the mud settles. My friend Elke gave me a pressure canner and old jars and lids. I am so amazed at her generosity! Thank you so much Elke!!! You will get lots of fresh salad and tomato’s this summer if I am successful at growing them!

Today is my moms birthday. I really wish I could be there. I am so grateful I got to come even if the time was short. I love you mom and dad!


Shelley said...

Looks like the dentist will be looking for some business.

Dianna said...

Happy bithday Misty 31 yrs old. I think Shelley is right hello dentist