Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'll sleep well

I spent hours in the garden today. The weather was so nice! I planted over 70 pots of seeds. There is green, yellow and green and white zucchini, Chinese cucumber, spaghetti squash, orange mini peppers, black bell pepper, brandy wine pink tomato, Rio Grand tomato, bush beans, and a half dozen variety of flowers (annuals). I'm now out of pots. In 6 weeks I should have a pretty nice garden. I already have onions, radishes, chives and 32 lettuce plants. I will plant carrots and spinach directly into the raised beds tomorrow. Oh the things I could do if only my yard was bigger! I will have loads of plants started to bring to my friend Petra. Thank God she is letting me borrow some of her yard! I’m so tired I could go to bed without dinner! I'm so glad to see the sun!

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Shelley said...

The garden does that you work so long because you missed the sun and dinner doesn't matter. It's a great weight loss program.
I'm like our cat I get fat in the winter, and smaller in the summer.