Sunday, March 09, 2014

time with Jessica

Most of our friends know that Juergen and I take turns going to church on Sunday mornings, and caring for our autistic daughter Jessica. Today I took Jess out for breakfast at McDonalds. She likes to sit in the restaurant when there are not so many people there. She watches the TV monitors that show music videos. And she eats her salad and chicken. We sit for a whole hour and she holds my hand. She is getting very social lately. I'm sure the fact that it is warm and sunny helps allot. She hates winter as much as I do. I dream of taking her to Thailand for a month or more. I know it would be so good for her to soak up all that lovely sunshine, eat the good food and swim every day. The light is so different there. But Thailand is expensive (at least the airfare is expensive). We are painting the house this year. I'm not even sure we will take a vacation. We will just have to see.

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