Sunday, March 23, 2014

can I just go?

I'm feeling badly that Jessica’s teacher cannot take care of her for a while.  She has some family business to manage.  We are sorry for her difficulty.  I don't feel comfortable sending Jess to the workshop without her teacher.  She gets very defensive and afraid when she does not have someone there to help her.  So she is home for an uncertain time.  It will most likely be stressful for Jürgen and me.  I could take Jessica with me when I travel to America.  But that would basically dominate the whole trip, and make visiting with my family difficult.  My time there is short enough as it is.  So Jürgen will take the entire time off (he had planned to work part time).  I feel guilty about leaving him with this great responsibility.  I'm certain he can manage it, but I'm sorry he must.  I'm hoping I can get permission to take Philip with me.  The school director must agree.  We could not reach anyone this weekend.  Philip would be a great help to me, and give Jürgen one less kid to keep track of.  Thomas has exams to take, and Sarah's passport has expired.  It's too late to have it renewed.  I pray for Jessica’s teacher.  I also pray God will help Jürgen and the kids.  I cleaned out the refrigerator today.  I will fill the freezer this week.  I want to leave everything in the best order just to make it easier for Jürgen.  I'm probably just worrying more then I should.  But Jessica has not been very easy to care for lately.  She is restless and demanding. 

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