Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today I observed my tomatoes plants. I have tomatoes that have been planted in the soil, and tomatoes that have not been planted yet. They were all started from seeds at the same time. But the ones that have been really planted are now 2 times as large as the ones in small pots waiting for a garden to call their own. The real difference is roots. My plants that have been planted have spread out their roots, and they grow big and strong. The ones in small pots are under stress because of the heat. They cannot grow any more. They need to be transplanted soon or they will eventually die. I've been to allot of orphanages. The kids struggle to grow. I remember the day we decided to adopt a 2nd time. We were walking in a big park. Philip was laughing and running. And Juergen and I could seem this root bound boy begin to thrive because he finally had a real home. And we knew we could do it again. And we did. And Thomas has thrived...he is taller than I am. He is growing tall inside too. I'm not taking credit for this miracle. It's just what happens to a person or plant that can be planted in good soil. They spread out their roots and they grow. And I wish everyone would consider adoption. I really wish more people would care enough to make it happen for a child who needs roots.

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